Provides evidence-based treatment


Millions of successful eye irrigations demonstrate that the Morgan Lens is safe and effective, providing more effective and efficient ocular irrigation.

  • It is the only method of eye irrigation that irrigates effectively under the eyelids (even when they are closed), reaching all regions of the conjunctiva and inner eyelids.
  • No other method allows the patient to be easily transported without having to stop irrigation.
  • Nothing else allows the patient to squeeze the eyelids shut tightly, not having to fight blepharospasms and photophobia, thereby making the procedure more comfortable.
  • Many injuries require hours of continual irrigation, something that cannot be done without the lens either due to an inability for the patient to tolerate the procedure or the lack of adequate medical staff.
  • All other eye irrigation methods require constant attention by medical personnel;  using the Morgan Lens frees the care providers, allowing them to treat other injuries or patients.
  • In mass casualty situations, the Morgan Lens means a limited number of care providers can effectively treat multiple victims.

Experimental investigations have been conducted which show that:

  • Irrigation with the Morgan Lens and lactated Ringer’s solution is more comfortable for the patient than manual irrigation
  • Rapid penetration of gentamicin into the aqueous is possible with continuous flow delivery
  • Infections of pseudomonas keratitis were treated without perforation of the cornea with continuous perfusion of gentamicin delivered using the Morgan Lens
  • Epidermal growth factor was perfused following the removal of the epithelium, basement membrane, and anterior stroma with substantial healing noted within eight hours
  • Both medical personnel and healthy volunteers overwhelmingly preferred the Morgan Lens over manual irrigation techniques in studies sponsored by MorTan in ease of use, efficiency, and comfort