Training Materials

MorTan provides the following to help with initial training in the use of the Morgan Lens (click on each for more information):

The Morgan Lens Training Tool and Competency Exam (a molded eye which allows “hands-on” practice of ocular irrigation and an exam that can be modified for use in your facility)

Our Instructional Video  (a five-minute long mpeg video demonstrating the insertion and removal of the lens as well as providing general information on its use)

MorTan’s PowerPoint Presentation (a 19-slide PowerPoint presentation with Speaker Notes showing the use of the Morgan Lens and providing additional information on chemical burns to the eye)

White Papers (single page, printable sheets providing general information on ocular chemical burns, irrigating solutions, buffers, and the pediatric applications of the Morgan Lens)

Abstracts from articles (articles related to eye irrigation, chemical burns to the eye, use of the Morgan Lens, or other relevant information)

Sample protocols (links to on-line protocols plus a sample with suggestions on developing one for use with your organization)