The Oslo University Eye Department has used the Morgan Lens for 16 years. We use it in all emergency cases. and find that it gives the patients better chances than without this equipment. In fact, we have reduced the need for hospitalization for more than one night for these patients, and the recovery without scars and permanent loss of vision is far better than without it.

Usually, we don’t give out recommendations for products like this, but we have been so happy with the Morgan Lens that we would like to recommend it to all ophthalmologists. Their patients will sure benefit from its use.

Physician-Ophthalmologist, Norway


An ambulance was dispatched to a local industry for a worker who had been sprayed in both eyes with brake fluid under pressure. On scene, our paramedic inserted bilateral Morgan Lenses. He proceeded to flush both eyes simultaneously with approximately 1500 cc NSS on the way to the hospital. On arrived to the ED, the pH of each eye was found to be normal and no further irrigation was necessary. The patient tolerated the entire procedure very well, felt much better and examination of the patient’s eyes, after Morgan Lens removal, showed no tissue damage. The patient had a full recovery with no complications, thanks to the availability and efficiency of the Morgan Lens system.

Registered Nurse, New Hampshire


While working at a major steel manufacturer , I had many opportunities to use the Morgan Lens.  The employees frequently splashed solutions into their eyes.  The Morgan Lens helped us irrigate their eyes promptly and efficiently.  We could seat belt the employee/patient into the van, check the eyes, pop in the Morgan Lens, hook up the IV bag.  While transporting him to the dispensary, his eyes were being irrigate.  At the dispensary the doctor would examine the patient and treat or send to the ophthalmologist.  Prompt irrigation with the Morgan Lens when en route to the dispensary helps prevent eye damage.

Registered Nurse, Maryland


I just wanted to tell you that your device you gave me in San Francisco has already gone in action with great success.

A heavily infected perforated eye, 24 hours old, with starting panophthalmitis (trauma with a wooden chip from a pork stable!) arrived yesterday.  After surgical repair I fitted your Morgan Lens and started with Chloramphenicol, Decadron in lactated Ringer’s solution.To my great astonishment, the eye today had quieted down, the patient was without any pain, and the panophthalmitis seems to have disappeared to a large extent.  I wished I could donate you an automated perimeter in return!

Physician-Ophthalmologist, Switzerland


The Morgan Lens has never let me down.  It does exactly what it’s supposed to do and I have had absolutely no problem with it.  It’s especially appreciated when caring for young children.

Physician, Alabama


A 37-year-old man was arrested by NYPD and in the struggle, mace was sprayed into his eyes.  The patient was also cocaine intoxicated.  He was thrashing about so violently that we could not effectively irrigate his eyes with IV tubing, nor with the nasal cannula (attached to IV tubing) straddling his nose.  The Morgan Lens worked beautifully.

Physician, New York


1. Once I had an exposure when giving a patient a medication through a saline lock.  The syringe backed out slightly and when I gave the med a little push it sprayed into my eyes. It burned, so I immediately flushed my eyes.  A coworker instilled a Morgan Lens into each eye and ran sterile N.S.  I felt immediate relief.

2.  A local trauma surgeon and avid wood worker complained of irritation to his eye for several days.  The eye was obviously irritated.  After being examined by an emergency department doctor for a foreign body, and finding none, we irrigated the eye using the Morgan Lens.  The surgeon found the lens to be comfortable, and after irrigation the eye felt better.  Two days later his eye was better without redness or irritation.

3.  An employee of the hospital where I work had a car battery explode in his face.  Concerned about the corrosive nature of battery acid, he came to the Emergency Department for treatment.  An eye irrigation was set up and initiated with the Morgan Lens.  He felt much better and commented on the soothing feeling of the sterile saline solution.  He felt able to release his own tears as the saline solution irrigated his eyes.

Registered Nurse, California


Exceptional ease of use, patient tolerance, and effectiveness in eye clearing compared to IV tubing/squinting, etc.  Remarkably easy to train in use and frees staff to continue work while auto-irrigation occurs.  Have also used personally.

Physician, Virginia