Helpful Resources

Below is a list of some of the different pages on our website, with a brief explanation of what each contains.  Simply click to be linked to that page:

  • Frequently Asked Questions:  Our “FAQ” page provides answers to some of the questions we are typically asked
  • The Morgan Lens Instructional Video:  Here you will find a 5-minute YouTube video showing information on the use of the lens, including the techniques for insertion and removal
  • The PowerPoint Presentation:  We have prepared a PowerPoint presentation talking about the Morgan Lens and providing general information on chemical burns to the eye.  Check the Speaker Notes (available on each slide or on the webpage) for additional material on ocular burns.
  • Instructions For Use and Uses Chart: Clicking this link will take you to our Instructional Chart (with a link to a full-color PDF file which you can download)–consider posting a copy on the wall in your Emergency Department or keeping a copy in your “eye cart”
  • Abstracts and References:  Here we’ve compiled abstracts from just a few of the many articles that refer to the use of the Morgan Lens or that provide helpful information about eye irrigation
  • Protocols and Procedures:  There are hundreds of on-line protocols for using the Morgan Lens from hospitals and EMS agencies;  here we provide you with a few along with a sample for use in developing your own
  • Pediatric Use:  The Morgan Lens has been used on infants as young as six months.  This page provides helpful tips when dealing with small children.
  • EMS and Paramedic information:  Training for the use of the Morgan Lens is included in the National EMS Scope of Practice and this page contains some information for EMS providers.
  • Training Materials:  MorTan can send you a CD-ROM containing the Instructional Video and PowerPoint presentation, plus a Training Tool is available upon request.
  • White Papers:  We’ve developed a number of downloadable papers that summarize certain aspects of eye irrigation such as irrigating solutions or pediatric use.
  • Trade Shows:  MorTan exhibits at a number of shows throughout the year, and a list of shows (with links) is shown on this page.
  • Government and Military Orders:  Here we give a listing of some of the details to assist governmental agencies when placing orders