The Delivery Set for the Morgan Lens (MT202)

Delivery Set-MT202The Morgan Lens Delivery Set makes using the Morgan Lens even easier by allowing the simultaneous irrigation of both eyes. Instead of wasting valuable time and money on separate IV setups, the Morgan Lens Delivery Set may be attached to one or two Morgan Lenses. Within seconds, relief is on its way to your patient, allowing the assessment and treatment of other injuries while ocular therapy is underway.

Ocular injuries are often bilateral, but the pain in one eye may mask the pain in the other, or nerve damage may have created an analgesic effect (especially with alkali burns). Unless the second eye is completely pain-free and no pathology is discovered, immediate irrigation should be started in both eyes.

Please note that Morgan Lenses must be ordered separately–the Delivery Set (MT202) replaces a standard IV set and contains the tubing, spike and drip chamber, and clamps to allow one or two Morgan Lenses to be attached to a single bag of irrigating solution.  Morgan Lenses are not included when ordering the MT202.


The following equipment is recommended for bilateral eye irrigation using the Morgan Lens:

  • One or two Morgan Lenses (part number MT2000)–one per eye
  • Topical Ocular Anesthetic (if available)
  • One Morgan Lens Delivery Set (part number MT202)
  • One Bag of Irrigating Solution (MorTan recommends lactated Ringer’s or Hartmann’s Solution)
  • One or two Medi-Ducts (part number MT63)-one per eye–or towels, blue pads, or another fluid collection device


Please call 1-800-423-8659  for pricing.