The Medi-Duct (MT63)

Designed specifically for use with the Morgan Lens, we recommend using the Medi-Duct fluid management system instead of towels, blue pads, or other fluid collection devices.

The Medi-Duct is an ocular fluid management system designed to make irrigation with the Morgan Lens even more convenient. Its super-absorbent wick carries the irrigation solution away from the patient through a 24-inch tube. The end of the tubing may be placed in a basin or other collection device, making for easy collection and disposal.

For best results, tape the Medi-Duct to the head in the position shown in the photograph above.  This allows effective absorption of the outflow and keeps your patient dry.

The following equipment is recommended for bilateral eye irrigation using the Morgan Lens:

  • Two Morgan Lenses (part number MT2000)–one per eye
  • Topical Ocular Anesthetic (if available)
  • One Morgan Lens Delivery Set (part number MT202)
  • One Bag of Irrigating Solution (MorTan recommends lactated Ringer’s or Hartmann’s Solution)
  • Two Medi-Ducts (part number MT63)–one per eye–or towels, blue pads, or another fluid collection device

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