PowerPoint Presentation

Thank you for your interest in the Morgan Lens PowerPoint presentation.

The presentation may be viewed in the window below using the arrows to scroll through the 22 slides.

Speaker notes for each slide, providing additional information, may be viewed as a printable pdf file by clicking on this link:  MORGAN LENS POWERPOINT PRESENTATION SPEAKER NOTES

You can also download the presentation here:
The Morgan Lens PowerPoint Presentation (v16d)


Below are other videos that have been posted on YouTube that demonstrate the use of the Morgan Lens.  Please note that these were prepared independently of MorTan and for this reason, MorTan has no control over their content or the information provided.


A comprehensive GRU Professional Education video may be found on YouTube showing the use of the Morgan Lens on an actual patient for treatment following a “flash burn” and for removing non-embedded foreign bodies.  Click here to view the video.



A nice demonstration of the Morgan Lens has been prepared by Allan Bulda for in-house training at the Kaiser Oakland/Richmond Emergency Department.  Please view the video in its entirety (just over 6 minutes) as there is a considerable amount of information in the second half of the presentation.  It can be viewed on YouTube by clicking here.



Steven Malarchick has prepared a video that effectively presents MorTan’s PowerPoint presentation with narration. The information contained in the Speaker Notes, along with additional comments, have been added, making for an easy-to-view video approximately 22 minutes long. Please note that this is an older version of the PowerPoint presentation. Click here to view.