On-Line Protocols

Examples of hospital and EMS protocols or Morgan Lens references currently available on the Internet (click on the link to be taken to the site).

All links were current at the time this page was developed, but because the content is outside of MorTan’s control, they may have been modified or deleted and may no longer be functional.

Centers for Disease Control (Medical Management Guidelines for Acute Chemical Exposures)

New Hampshire Patient Care Protocols

Minnesota Department of Health–Hazardous Materials Exposure Guide

University of Ottawa (Canada), Faculty of Medicine–Procedures

North Central Connecticut EMS Council

Corvallis, Oregon EMS Protocols

Carrol County (Iowa) Emergency Medical Services

Florida Regional Common EMS Protocols

Monroe-Livingston Regional EMS Protocols

Nassau Regional Emergency Medical Services

Maine EMS Pre-Hospital Treatment Protocols

Adirondack Appalachian Region-Mountain Lakes Region-Hudson Mohawk Region

Loyola Emergency Medical Services System

West Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services

North Carolina State Medical Assistance Teams

Asotin County EMS Protocols

Palm Beach County Fire and Rescue:  Paramedic Graduate School (Skill Assessment Evaluation)

The Greater Miami Vally EMS Council, Inc. and the State of Ohio EMS Region 2 Protocols

Mississippi Trauma Transitional Block (Paramedic)

Joint (Fort Lauderdale/Tamarac/Sunrise Fire Rescue) EMS Protocols (Eye Injury)

Joint (Fort Lauderdale/Tamarac/Sunrise Fire Rescue) EMS Protocols (Hydrofluoric Acid)

Public Health England–Inorganic Mercury/Elemental Mercury Incident Management