The Morgan Lens Instructional Video

This video is approximately five minutes long and gives instructions for the use of the Morgan Lens, including showing the insertion and removal and describing the recommended uses. Click on the arrow and the video should start automatically.  This may be used together with MorTan’s PowerPoint presentation to provide training in the use of the Morgan Lens.

If you have any questions, comments, or problems running the video, please call us at 1-800-423-8659 (toll-free in the US and Canada) or use the Contact Us page and we’d be happy to help.


Click here to print out a script from the video.

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Other Videos Related to the Morgan Lens:


Below are links to other videos on the Internet that may be helpful.  All were produced independently of MorTan although the EMS videos use MorTan’s materials. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU WILL BE TAKEN TO EXTERNAL SITES AND MORTAN IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR CONTENT.


Actual use of the Morgan Lens:

Dr. Larry Mellick’s video on the GRU channel (a series of educational videos for teaching emergency medicine procedures produced by Dr. Mellick and the Georgia Regents University).  This video shows the simultaneous use of two Morgan Lenses on a patient suffering from an ocular thermal burn with numerous small, non-embedded foreign bodies.  Clicking on this link will take you to the You Tube page where the video may be watched. (Approximately 6 1/2 minutes long)
Kaiser video

Kaiser Oakland/Richmond Emergency Department: New Hire Orientation

One of Allan Bulda’s videos for in-house staff training. There are two parts to this video–a demonstration using a volunteer, followed by an informational session. Please note that MorTan recommends continuing irrigation until after the Morgan Lens is removed–although this is not shown during the demonstration, the reasoning for this is nicely explained by  Dr. Bulda. Clicking on this link will take you to the You Tube page where the video may be watched. (Approximately 6 minutes long)



Pennsylvania Department of Health Paramedic Training Video:

This video, produced by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, is to “provide information to Paramedics who want to transition their knowledge from the old EMT-Paramedic curriculum to the new Paramedic curriculum based upon the national educational standards”. The video consists of MorTan’s PowerPoint presentation with narration using MorTan’s Speaker Notes.  You can watch the video on the PA Department of Health website by clicking on this link. (Approximately 15 1/2 minutes long, with manual advancing between slides)