Provides hands-free emergency eye irrigation

The Morgan Lens provides effective eye irrigation without the need for constant attention by medical personnel.  Once the lens is in place, the eyelids may be tightly closed while 100% of the irrigating solution is still being delivered to the injury.  Not only is this more comfortable for the patient, but it also allows medical staff to treat other patients or injuries.  In addition, transportation of the patient from the accident site to the hospital is easily done without having to stop irrigation.

Although intended only for use by medical personnel, the Morgan Lens is simple to use and minimal training is needed.  We offer an Instructional Video, a PowerPoint presentation, and an Instructions for Use chart, all available on this website or for free from MorTan.  In addition, you will find sample protocols and competency exams which can be modified for use by your facility.

If you need any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.