Dr. Morgan Bio

Loran B. Morgan, M.D. developed the Morgan Lens during his third tour as a volunteer physician in Vinh Long, Vietnam.


Many of the serious eye cases, he noticed, began as simple infections that had not received adequate treatment. Proper care of eye injuries requires both protection of the eye from irritation by the eyelid and the constant delivery of sterile fluids and/or medication to the eye – neither of which were available to Dr. Morgan at the time.

“You couldn’t expect a nurse to keep coming back to put in eye drops as often as they were needed,” he explained. Thus, he developed the Morgan Lens, the most widely used method of ocular irrigation today. A graduate of the University of Minnesota Medical School, Battalion Surgeon during World War II, specialist in ophthalmology and Fellow of the International and American Colleges of Surgeons, Dr. Morgan enjoyed a long and impressive career, saving thousands of patient’s eyes all over the world. And, thanks to his battlefield invention, his work will continue to do so for generations to come.

For a more detailed story about Dr. Morgan and his development of the Morgan Lens, please check the story The Wyoming Doctor Who Saves Eyes (printed in The Denver Post on February 2, 1972) found on this website.