Abstract 12

Title: Aqueous Humor pH in Experimental Lye Burns and Influence of Different Treatment Measures

Author: U. Lauz und H. W. Roth, H. Krey, B. Steinhardt

Journal: Albrecht v. Graefes Arch. klin. exp. Ophtal. 195, 33-40 (1975) [Article in German]

300 rabbit corneas were burned for – 1 minute by applying a filter paper of 10mm diameter soaked in different concentrations of NaOH. The aqueous humor pH was then measured at certain time intervals and after different treatment methods until the physiologic pH of 7.6 was reached. The results were statistically analyzed. Group 1, 2 and 3 were burned with 1N NaOH and 6N NaOH respectively without any treatment. In these groups, a “therapeutic” pH-level of 8.5 was measured on an average 0.5, 2.5 and 5 hours after the burn. Group 4 and 5 again were burned with 6N NaOH. In Group 4, the burn was followed by constant irrigation with physiologic saline by means of the Morgan Lens®. With this regimen, a pH of 8.5 was reached after 2.5 hours. In Group 5, the physiologic saline solution was replaced by a buffer solution (Isogutt®) and a pH of 8.5 was measured after only one hour. Based upon these results, it is felt that severe lye burns should be treated by constant irrigation with a buffer solution for several hours, a treatment that can easily be performed by use of the Morgan Lens.